Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time - an early Christmas present for the BNP?

I expect that Question Time on the BBC last night had a much larger audience than usual. I don't usually watch it as, to be honest, I don't enjoy watching our elected representatives made to squirm in front of an audience - am I too respectful? On last night's showing, I wouldn't have thought that the BNP will win many thinking people to its cause. It's policies seem to be based too much on the fear that comes from prejudice and misunderstanding. What is worth taking note of, though, is the general public's dissatisfaction with the mainstream parties. Most of the QT panel seemed to admit this. This throws them the challenge of getting their own houses in order so that disgruntled voters don't turn to the BNP as a protest vote. It seems that they are now doing this and I hope it isn't too late to rescue the reputation of parliament and the precious institutions of democracy that have made this country great.

I wonder if things have gone too far in an effort to clean up parliament. Personally, I feel that all MPs are becoming whipping boys for the few that have played the system corruptly. Not all MPs are the same. Most work conscientiously and without praise for the good of their constituents. In the bible St Paul encouraged his readers to pray for those who held political power - there was no democracy in his time. I feel we should pray for politicians before we persecute them.

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