Monday, 5 October 2009

Madonna to wed Jesus

'Is Madonna to become a nun?' I wondered when I saw this headline last week in Metro. No, Madonna isn't to take vows of chastity (among others). Rather, for a moment, she considered her mortality - always a good thing to do - and decided she should live life to the full. It turns out, according to a news report a couple of days later, that actually she doesn't want to get married. In fact her words were, "I'd rather get run over by a truck."

It's a funny world that these superstars live in - a parallel universe to the rest of us. However I was amused by the line in the report: 'Despite being married twice before, the singer is said to want another lavish ceremony. "She knows that's what Jesus wants," said one of her relatives.' It puts a new spin on the motto WWJD? ('What Would Jesus Do?).

Actually, a few years ago Jesus came to read my gas meter. Sure enough, the meter reader, from Mexico I think, had the name 'Jesus' on his identity pass. You may have entertained angels unawares, but how many have had their meters read by Jesus?

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