Friday, 12 January 2007

Off to North Wales

I've already put down my first music sketches for the communion service. I'm trying to balance interest and ease of learning and produce something that will bear frequent repetition. With a bit of practice I think our congregation will pick it up. We'll see.

For the next week it will just be me and God and a spiritual director. I've not done a week's guided retreat before and I am rather apprehensive about how it will go. It's a silent retreat - that is not talking to the other guests - which forces you to listen to God (or the other voices in your head).

The journey to Rhyl (the nearest station) will be part of the retreat - a sense of leaving things behind. I love travelling by train; I often think of it when I sing the words of the old hymn 'Transported by the view I'm lost in wonder, love and praise.'

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