Monday, 29 January 2007

A creative week

Now I've finished the first draft of the music for the communion service and am waiting to show it to someone for their comments. I found that the ideas flowed quickly after my retreat in North Wales, which shows that to create you need to listen first in the quietness.

I really appreciated the quiet chapels at St Beuno's in which I could simply enjoy the presence of God. I would really love to make our own church building available for people in the community as a place for quiet reflection and prayer - there is so little space for quietness in our lives today. I think this could be a great gift to the community and I'm sure the practical difficulties of balancing openness with security could be surmounted if there was the will to do it.

To blow away any 'cobwebs' I enjoyed several walks on Farthing Down, and the woods. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

So now I've been preparing for a workshop on 'Music in Worship' for the Croydon area Clergy Conference in Lille, the day after I get back from Uganda. Would you believe it's cheaper and quicker to hold this conference in Lille than in the UK!

I fly out to Uganda on Friday morning early. A 6.30 am flight to Amsterdam, then on to Entebbe, arriving there about 9.30 pm. The aim is to visit the building project our three members worked in last summer, and get a bigger picture of what is happening in the area. I have been in contact with a church in Pyrford, near Wisley, which is just embarking on a large project in Kasese and the surrounding area. We may be able to link up with them, but i want to judge for myself before making any suggestions. I will be staying with Alan and Cheryl Parrett for the week and will bring back plenty of photos and video. Please pray for safety in travel and wisdom in discerning the needs of the people there and the most helpful way to show God's love in action.

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