Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Just 10

In a little over 300 words God gave his people - and us - a good way to live; in fact the best way to live. We are preparing at St John's to preach on all 10 Commandments, and will be following J John's outline in his series 'Just 10'.

It's rather like taking yourself through a whole body, mind and spirit MOT. I'm excited by the prospect of preaching the series, but at the same time a little nervous as to what it might expose in my own life that needs dealing with. But the good news is that this won't be a test that we might fail. Rather, it's one that will encourage where we can do better and where we need help.

I hope that anyone who reads this blog will comment - especially if you've heard our sermons or seen the DVD on Wednesday evenings. You can find out more of the details on the church website: www.coulsdon.net/stjohns

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