Friday, 10 July 2009

A day of rest from church politics

I've just spent the last hour catching up with the latest arguments about the Anglican Communion (see and Bishop Nick's blog). It's difficult sometimes to know when to fight or ignore; whether to resist what seems to be in error, or just get on with the work of sharing the Good News. My inclination is to get on the with work and resist being painted into a corner of identification with this group or that group. Some groups in the church are concerned, it seems, exclusively with truth, and others with grace. All I know is that Jesus was described in the prologue to John's Gospel as 'full of grace AND truth'.

Well, for today at least, I'm going to put this all to one side and enjoy some time in the garden with God the Creator, and give thanks for the potatos, peas, beans, cabbages and raspberries that we have already been enjoying, and the many other fruit and veg still to come. I'm looking forward to my first crop of aubergines that are coming on nicely in the greenhouse. Together with the tomatos, courgettes, onion and garlic we should be able to make our own ratatouille. Now that's a treat in store!

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