Sunday, 26 April 2009

Croydon Youth

What does the phrase 'Croydon Youth' conjure up in most people's minds? Gangs causing trouble, maybe? This afternoon I heard the Croydon Youth Orchestra give a spirited and disciplined performance of Dvorak's 'New World' Symphony under their guest conductor Peter Stark. Professor Stark, of the Royal College of Music, featured in last year's TV series 'Maestro' and obviously has the gift of motivating young players to give their best.

During this weekend the CYO has rehearsed for 3 hours on Friday night, 6 hours on Saturday and 4 hours today - a total of 13 hours concentrated rehearsal. It certainly paid off, as the creative heat generated by such intensive rehearsal resulted in a totally committed performance of this popular work.

Trinity School lent their newly refurbished hall for the performance, with its wonderful accoustics - surely it will be one of the best performing venues in the area when the work is finished.

Croydon has talent! and this afternoon it was shown in the brilliant Youth Orchestra.

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