Monday, 23 March 2009

Everybody's blogging

So it seems that everybody's doing it - my bishop, friends on Facebook, BBC journalists and politicians. I wonder if it's all rather self-indulgent, or the ramblings of frustrated authors and comedians. But I hope it's a way to engage with people who you might otherwise never meet on a serious level of informed discussion. Certainly the media these days seems to have been so 'dummed down' that it's difficult to find serious conversation except in a few very esoteric places, such as Radio Three. What a treasure we have in Radio Three and Radio Four. Serious conversation is still alive - and still LIVE. 'In Tune' is my programme of choice in the car or the kitchen between 5 and 7 pm: good music, often live, witty conversation with interesting and talented people. I would pay my TV licence fee just for that one programme - forget 'Big Brother' and so-called reality TV. What a shame that 'reality' seems to win so often against 'quality'.

Everyone's talking about Jade Goody today, and no doubt there'll be media coverage of her funeral, but will she be remembered in 350 years time as Henry Purcell is through his music, or Handel, or JS Bach, whose birthday it was on Saturday?

I hope I'll be remembered at least for being a good father, but I don't really care who else remembers me when I've gone.

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